Have You Considered These Unique Careers In Refrigeration?

Almost everyone uses refrigeration every day, but refrigeration is a technology that offers much more than just a way to keep milk cold in your home. Refrigeration technology is used in science, medicine and commerce, as well as in private residences. Here are four areas of the refrigeration world that can give you an exceptional and unique career once you are adequately trained and qualified. 

Mobile Refrigeration

Many companies rely on refrigerated vehicles to get their products from one place to another. These may be food products that must be kept as fresh as possible, or they may be industrial supplies that need to be kept cool. 

You can't plug a truck into an electrical outlet, so refrigeration specialists are needed to design, create and maintain these refrigerated vehicles. As a technician certified in transport refrigeration, you have your choice of a wide variety of work environments. 

Off the Grid Refrigeration

People and companies who live away from modern technology often need alternatives to traditional refrigeration. As a refrigeration technician, you can help people who live in remote areas keep food safe and store items that need to be kept cold. Rural health care centers and veterinarian clinics also depend on alternatives to electric refrigeration. 

Off the grid refrigeration often includes the use of photovoltaic technology, which collects power from the sun to run a refrigeration system. You can learn how these systems work and can be on a team helping to build and maintain them in remote locations throughout the world. 

Medical Refrigeration

The medical field depends on refrigeration to provide health care and even save people's lives. Hospitals and other medical care facilities cannot afford to lose refrigeration, so they must have a reliable back-up plan in place in case electricity is lost. 

Medical refrigeration units are used to store delicate medicines and vaccinations that would be ineffective if allowed to spoil. They may also store body parts for use in a transplant as well as samples of blood and other body fluids. Many of these items must be kept at a specific temperature in order to be useful to patients, and units must have locks and other security devices in place to deter theft and make sure that only the right people have access to what is inside. 

Cryogenics is a specific area of medicine where effective refrigeration is critical because blood, fluids and even human tissues, eggs and embryos must be kept in extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time. 

Engineering and maintaining medical refrigeration systems and units is a challenging career that involves keeping people healthy and even saving lives. 

Refrigeration Technology

Not all refrigeration careers are in building, maintaining and repairing refrigeration systems. Refrigeration experts are always considering and experimenting with new types of refrigeration technology. As a refrigeration specialist, you could be experimenting with and designing refrigeration using materials that could make refrigeration easier, more cost efficient and better for the environment. 


In the search for new types of refrigerants, researchers have discovered that ammonia can be used as cost effective and environmentally friendly method of refrigeration. Ammonia is a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen. It can be found in nature or made in a laboratory. Ammonia used in refrigeration differs from ammonia used in household products because it has very little water. 

Experts in refrigeration work to make sure that people and the environment are safe from the toxic aspect of ammonia while they make the most of the potential ammonia has to offer. 


In magnetic refrigeration, a magnetic field is used to draw out parts of the refrigerant and create an insulated environment that increase the efficiency of the refrigeration. Much more research is needed on this type of refrigeration, and you can be part of a team of experts that does research to understand the best ways to use this technology. 

Sound Waves

Thermoacustic refrigeration actually uses sound waves to transport heat from one place to another. Penn State explains how Ben and Jerry's uses this type of refrigeration to keep ice cream cold. Many certified refrigeration professionals conduct research to determine how to make this type of refrigeration as effective as possible. 

Careers in refrigeration involve more than simply fixing refrigerators in people's homes. Discover what you can do in this field by starting your refrigeration training