Five Benefits Of Choosing A Preschool Program With A Dog

When you are choosing preschool childcare for your child, you will encounter facilities that offer a lot of different benefits as well as different views on child development. You may also find that some preschools have dogs on site. Here is a look at the some of the potential benefits of having a dog at your child's preschool.

1. Dogs may help shy children.

A dog can act as a bridge between a shy child and other children. A dog provides an instant shared interest as well as a conversation starter among children, potentially helping shy children to broach new relationships or social children to reach out more frequently to shy children. Additionally, dogs, especially service dogs, can help with anxiety, which commonly appears alongside shyness.

2. Dogs can encourage beginning readers.

There have been multiple programs in which children read to dogs. These programs have been widely praised for their ability to encourage children to read aloud. The children think they are helping the dogs (and they really are), but the reading practice helps to improve the children's reading skills as well. 

3. Exposure to dogs can make kids healthier.

If you don't have a dog at home, you may love the long-term benefits of letting your child be exposed to a dog at preschool. In particular, studies show that children who are around dogs in their early years are less likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses and ear infections. Other studies also show that exposure to pets during the first year of life can reduce the risk of allergies in children, indicating that you may want to adopt a family dog or to choose a childcare center with a dog, even if your child is just a baby.

4. Dogs can help children learn responsibility.

If you want your child to learn responsibility at the preschool, you may want to look for a preschool that gets the kids involved with various tasks. For example, some schools have the children help with setting out snacks, arranging chairs for reading time, or taking care of basic cleaning responsibilities. In addition, a preschool with a dog can get the children involved with the responsibilities of taking care of a pet as well.

5. A preschool dog is a mascot for the natural world.

When your child has the opportunity to get to know a dog at preschool, the dog can act as a mascot for the natural world. If your child falls in love with the dog, that may make them more open to exploring other animals, taking hikes, or getting involved with nature in other ways.

For more information on your preschool options, contact a preschool program in your area.