Defining Characteristics Of Military-Friendly Online Colleges

Military-friendly online colleges have many of the same features that brick-and-mortar colleges have. They all do their best to provide an education and intermediate and advanced degrees to military personnel regardless of rank and serving status. There are also some defining characteristics of military-friendly colleges that you should be made aware of, especially if you are trying to pursue an education and a degree but you think that your military status might get in the way. Read More 

4 Advantages of Sending an Only Child to Preschool

Growing up as an only child can feel isolating and alone when there are not other playmates to spend the day with. As a child passes the age of three, you have the option of sending them to a preschool. Especially if your child is the only child in the family, then there are many advantages to enrolling them in a preschool program. Even if it's only a few days a week, your child's exposure to the preschool world can be filled with many advantages that help them grow and develop in society. Read More 

Have You Considered These Unique Careers In Refrigeration?

Almost everyone uses refrigeration every day, but refrigeration is a technology that offers much more than just a way to keep milk cold in your home. Refrigeration technology is used in science, medicine and commerce, as well as in private residences. Here are four areas of the refrigeration world that can give you an exceptional and unique career once you are adequately trained and qualified.  Mobile Refrigeration Many companies rely on refrigerated vehicles to get their products from one place to another. Read More